Friday, March 16, 2012

Tiemann Enterprises Abroad!

Been super busy the last couple of days.
Last night all the volunteers and staff were invited to Grape City for a dinner. Two of our cooks here on base are related to the Bromann family (the hosts). It was HUGE! There was tons of food and some really cool people. Apparently the Bromann's started a kindergarden english school on the top of the little hill that they own to fund their mission work. So, after getting some food I was invited to sit by a woman who introduced herself as Kerry, saying she was married into the family. We talked an she asked all about how and why I can to Japan and stuff, and she started talking about the school and what it takes to be a teacher there and such – it was all very interesting. I think she was trying to persuade me to be an english teacher there.... I think it worked.

Got home late last night after the dinner and started another full day of work at 5:30.
We are almost done with the house that Me, Justin, Michael, and Noel are working on – we're planning on finishing tomorrow! So exciting!
So pretty much today I was sweeping and wiping woodwork. It kinda felt like working for Mr. Tiemann again... I was even wearing my Tiemann sweatshirt! It was kind of funny.
But it made me start thinking about all the things we do in life that we don't realize we'll need or use later on. Who would have thought that I would be in Japan cleaning new construction? Not me.
Who knew I'd need to know how to do it well, and gave me a job doing it before coming here?
Hmm... God maybe. It makes me wonder what other things have been “training tools”.
It's so incredible to see the way that God has everything under control and planned out.

Some other totally random things:
-I learned that you NEVER walk or stand on the thresholds (skiis) of the doors between rooms – apparently it's VERY rude. (bet you can guess how I learned that one... ;P)
-Raw fish raw.
- Me and Michael were singing opera this morning.
- 14 more people coming tonight and tomorrow


  1. Sounds like you are working many hours per day is that? Sounds like you've been having some pretty neat experiences. :) I, for one, would not be too eager to try the raw fish! :o

  2. Halfway around the world, I was wearing a Tiemann shirt (such an exclusive item, lol:) and wiping woodwork too. :D
    Go you, singing opera! You guys probably turned a few heads! I always liked listening to you sing at work. :)

    Wow, isn't it amazing how God prepares us ahead of time... Everything is part of His plan--summer jobs and broken hearts and mission trips to Japan! Makes me realize yet again how very trustworthy He is.
    I'm praying for you every day, girl...thanks for the updates!
    Kels :o)

  3. Haven't mentioned how much I'm enjoying your posts, Erin!! Praying for you every day, and praising God for how He has prepared you and is using you now! Gives me goosebumps. Thanks for the wonderful updates. Mrs. Gunn