Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Beginning...

I was suppose to graduate this spring. 'Suppose to' here meaning that this is what you typically do when you are 18, have been in doing school for 12 years of your life, have people asking you what you are going to do now, and you have been calling yourself a senior for the last year.

But it was not to be. For God had other plans. So instead of graduating like all the rest of the normal people out there, I decided to do another year of high school. 
Now, I have been home educated my entire life and for the last two years of school I was a part of PSEO (free online college for high school students), so the fact that I was going from college classes to high school level classes was gonna be a little different. But not only was I going from college level to HS level, I decided to GO to high school!!! So yeah.... BIG CHANGES! But why? Why not graduate? Why go to school?
    There were things I wanted to learn that this school was teaching, and if you learn them in high school they are free, if you learn them in college they cost money.
    There are a lot of lost people in a high school.
    There are hurting people, kids coming from broken homes, girls who feel unloved, guys who have no fathers, and the list goes on and on. Everyone has a problem, everyone has pain, and there is only one answer. Without the answer to these issues, teens drift from one thing to the next trying to find joy and fulfillment from (drugs, boy/girlfriends, drinking, etc) things that where never meant to, and never will be the answer.

So in closing: I am an ambassador for Christ, going to the mission field to which He has currently called me, and I'm on a mission to touch as many lives as I can while there. 
This blog to give you a glimpse of what God is doing and what He is teaching me as I embark on this new adventure. 

Pressing On,
Erin Marie

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