Saturday, March 12, 2011

どうして? - Doshite? - Why?

March 11, 2011:

Japan was hit by an 8.8 earthquake, followed by a tsunami.
Hundreds of acres of land, buildings, and homes were destroyed.
More then 700 confirmed dead, with the death toll expected to be at lease 1,200.

1,200 people. 1,200 souls for eternity.
It is estimated that 2% of Japan's population is Christian.
That estimates that 24 of the people that have died due to the tsunami went to be with Christ in heaven.
And that means that 1,176 people (if the death toll is only 1,200) have dropped in to hell. Forever.
That's the reality.

Our job as Christians is to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel.” (mark 16:15)
And let's be honest, we're not doing that great of a job. We've had approximately 2000 years since we were given this command and what do we have to show for it? A frikin 2% of Japan.
Their blood is on our hands.

I am haunted by the voices of people whom I do not know.
Voices calling, “Doshite? Doshite?” - Why? Why?
Why did you not come to us?
Why did you not tell us?
What kept you from us?
What was so important that you couldn't come?

And what do I have to answer them?
I was afraid.
I was afraid that you wouldn't like me.
I was afraid the God I trust wouldn't take care of me.
I was afraid of giving up my luxuries, and compared to them, you weren't worth it to me.

And so they shall rise in the day of judgement and condemn us, saying “if only you had come I would have been saved, if only you had come I too could be with Christ, I too could be in glory.” But then, it will be to late.

I refuse to sit idly by any longer.


  1. Wow.....thank you Erin. I needed to hear this. I am content to live in my happy little perfect American home while there are people out there dying without hearing the gospel. Oh what a selfish person I am. I need to purpose to go into all the world and preach the gospel in whatever way the Lord directs me to do so. And I need to desire it and seek Him for it.

  2. Thanks for the encouraging comment!
    I posted this on the art website I'm apart of and I'm getting a bunch of flack from atheists and such.... *sigh*
    Pray for me.....

  3. I'm praying! And by the way, your drawing is amazing.