Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I don't want to miss.....

I made this list some time ago, but I wanted to post it,
because it's a good reminder to me what things I really value,
and to keep pressing towards and doing those things that really matter.

Things I would regret not doing/things in life that I don't want to miss:

-Hearing stories of God's power
-Weeping with the brokenhearted
-Crying out to God in desperation
-Witnessing miracles
-Telling touching stories
-Exposing secret truths
-Feeding the hungry
-Dancing in the rain
-Spending time with those I love
-Seeing children laugh and play
-Creating beauty
-The wind in my hair
-Touching cultural rejects
-Moments of quiet time with the Lord
-The opportunity to share what I have
-The opportunity to give God the glory
-Giving God the chance to show Himself strong
-Being brought to my knees in awe
-The beauty of the world around me
-Encouraging someone to grow
-Worshiping God with all that I am

"You only get just one time around, you only get one shot at this.
One chance to find out that one thing that you don't wanna miss..."

- Onelife 
by 33miles

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