Monday, March 19, 2012

The Day The Lord Has Made


Today was AWESOME! Just sayin'.....
We got more new people on Sunday and a bunch of people had the day off today, so all of the crews that were working were big! Our typical group of four grew to nine people today.
But yeah. We finished the Otomo-sans home and have begun work on Shoji-san's house. And I gotta say – Nine people make a dent! Almost the whole floor has been 'blue boarded' (aka-foam insulation), and we have already started screwing down some of the flooring. We got so much done!
But above that, working today with everybody I was so happy I almost cried. I love the people here so much! I feel like I've been adopted into this huge awesome family, and all the guys I'm working with are like my big brothers, and they're all looking out for me. It's so amazing.
Wow, I feel like a total sap right now.....

I also decided that I love working! I really do. I love getting up really early, and I love working hard with my hands. I also love taking breaks (which are observed like that sabbath here...)
Hmmm....yeah. It was a good day. Tomorrow we'll probably have a smaller group but it's gonna be another awesome day of working for the Lord! I”ll be screwing in flooring probably all day – it's gonna be awesome (I've fallen in love with power drills).
And.... Justin is going to make Michael and I take next Monday off, 'cause “You guys work so hard – it's awesome. You deserve a day off. I know you weren't planning on it but that's what we're gonna do.” Yeah. Justin is great. He's a super encouraging team leader and a workaholic, who can't believe that I've never done construction/carpentry before now. I guess when you're working as unto the Lord He blesses the work of your hands.
Anyways. There is so much else I could say – but I haven't the time to type it all.
It's getting late (I won't even be able to post this until tomorrow), and I am in need of some good sleep.

Thanks all for your prayers!
(PS: please pray that I don't get sick – we have a couple people coming down with something- and I really don't wanna catch it. Also pray that the sick people would feel better soon! :P)
You're all awesome! ^_-


  1. That all sounds so awesome! It's incredible to read how the Lord is working as you are there. From what I'm reading it sounds like His hand is in everything you guys are doing! I'm still keeping you in my prayers every day! I'll be praying that you don't get sick, and that those who are sick get well SOON! :) Keep seeking God!

    <3 ya!

  2. It's funny that you just discovered that you love to work, cuz I knew that already, and actually if someone asked me to describe you, one of the things I would tell them was what a hard, motivated worker you are. :) I'm sure your crew appreciates you too and your wholehearted desire to serve the people of Japan.
    Ps. 82:3-5

    I will definitely pray for the sick folks...I know it's not fun to be sick when you're on a missions trip. And I will pray I don't have to pray for you in that way. :)

    <3 Kels