Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Devine Appointments


Today was another wonderful day of watching the Lord work here in Japan.
It was one of those days that you think you know how it will go – and then it just doesn't.

We started off the day by dropping off Noel at the Sendai station when he was meeting some friends and going on a day long Onsen trip. Upon arriving at the home we are now working on I was introduced to Yuko, a japanese carpenter and our interpreter for the day. Spent most of the day cutting blue board and screwing on floorboards. During the middle of the day we had a plumber come in to fix up some pipes, and it was pretty cool 'cause he brought his 17 year old daughter, Misuzu, with him, so we got to have a break with them and talk a little, and it sounds like we'll be seeing them again for dinner or something later this week. It was pretty cool. Then it hit our last break and Mr. Shoji-san told us that he wanted us to leave early today because it was a “holy day” (grave visiting day) and so everyone else had taken the day off, so he really wanted us to at least get off early.
Of course, working with Justin, this is simply unacceptable. Lol.
We did leave Shoji-san's house at 4pm (an hour early), but we went back to the Otomo-san's house so that Justin and Michael could fix a little hole. So while they did that the rest of us just kinda sat around outside the house. And then this young Japanese guy walked up. He knew some english, and I think he was pretty excited to get to use it on us (since Yuko had left no one spoke Japanese). But it was really cool, He said he was on spring break touring the disaster area, and after the hole in the house was all fixed up we got to prey with this guy and give him a lift to the bus stop. It was so cool.
It's just amazing the way the Lord brings people into your life.

I'm really learning how important it is to pray with people. You know?!
Sometimes that's the only thing we can do for people. Sometimes that is the only way they will see Christ in you. Because sometimes they don't get to see your works, and sometimes the opportunity to share the gospel story never comes – but everyone can be prayed for or prayed with, and you never know how it will affect them. It's a seed planting thing. But that's a whole 'nother lesson all together....

So exhausted.......


  1. So awesome! Praying for you tons!

    <3 ya!

  2. Wow - sounds like you've been having an incredible time! Praise God! I hope things continue to go well, and that you will learn something new every day!
    God bless!