Friday, March 30, 2012

Just the Norm

Another regular day here in Japan. Which pretty much means nothing since there really is no such thing as a “regular” day here.

Woke up at 5:20am, getting ready for the day and listening to the walls creak and the dishes rattle from another little earthquake. Breakfast was the typical – oatmeal, eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast, etc. Noel did devotions this morning and then we all prayed for him and hugged him goodbye. He's gonna be missed. Got to the bottom of the hill to go and discovered that the only person missing was Justin – which was utterly shocking since he is always wanting to be the first van to roll out. Waited. Not only was he not there he was LATE! We rolled out at 7:35am after Justin came flying down the hill. I gave him a hard time about it – He said that he'd been having a unforeseen powwow – I asked if that's where he learned all his 'indian tricks'. (whenever I'm having an issue with something he'll come up and say that he knows an old indian trick to fix whatever the problem.)

After playing school bus for a few other teams, we finally got to our job site- read some verses and prayed – then got to work. I did drywall all day. I can now do it all myself - Measuring, cutting, rasping, beveling, and screwing it in place. Yepyep. I'm still covered in sheetrock dust – my black hoodie is pretty much white. I also learned a few new 'indian tricks' for drywalling today. At lunch we all agreed that the bentos were that worst bentos ever – they tasted kind of old. That was a first. Shoji-san typically buys us lunch but we said that we'd bring it today. Bad idea. Tomorrow Shoji-san is buying lunch. Michael came to the realization that he smelled really bad and informed us all. We worked until quarter after 4, prayed, ran around picking everybody else back up, and headed back to camp. The staff and long-term volunteers are having a meeting right now. Dinner was some strange salad, rice, beans, and 'hamburger' patties. Good stuff.
And yeah.....
That's as normal as the days get around here. So I thought I'd tell you all all about it.
From here I'm probably going to head back to my cabin and go to bed as soon as possible. Unless we all decide to go back over to the guys cabin and try and finnish Wall-E, which we started last night.
Probably not. Sleep sounds better.

Night everybody!

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