Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another Day


Well, today has turned out to be rather interesting.

Due to the fact that we are currently experiencing a typhoon - work for the day has been canceled.
Most of us are unsure what we should be doing with our day. But as of now almost everyone is in cabin #38 hanging out – There is a game of Dutch Blitz going on on one of the tables, and one of the Japanese guys has taken to playing the guitar and so the guys here who know how to play drums have taken to the tables and everyone is singing – the sounds is quite amazing actually.
I'm thinking I might try and get a nap in since Lesley, Grace, Morgan, and I stayed up rather late finishing The Last Samurai and drinking hot chocolate, which my awesome family sent to me.

On Sunday a bunch of us went into Sendai City. It was huge! Grace and I stuck together for the day and wandered all over the city. We spent most of the day walking through the outdoor mall just looking at all the shops. One of the coolest places we walked in to was a shop in which they were making kimonos – they were so complex with tons of beautiful fabric! We also wandered down a couple of rather strange little allyways while looking for a little ramen shop (apparently the best ones are in the little allys), but the strangest one was when we were walking and the ally just kind of ended abruptly with a shrine/temple with these gongs and bells, and these ropes to ring them. And there were these people who would come and ring them and pray. It was so sad to watch. We stood there and watched for a little while and then Grace suggested that we pray for them – so we stood and prayed for the people and the country and yeah. It was an very interesting experience.
We then found a little book shop in which we spent quite a bit of time. Then we headed back to the train station – and almost missed our train! It was a fun day.

Other then that life is pretty mellow here. Working hard everyday. Although yesterday was a rather hard day for me. I felt like I worked all day but never got anything done. I dropped a piece of drywall that I had been working on for some time and so I had to start all over – yeah, it was just one of those days.
I have also officially joined the Shichigahama dishpit crew. Not that there really is an official crew but Lesley, Justin, and I seem to be starting one.

On another note – I probably won't be coming home on April 14th like originally planned.
A request for me to stay on longer has been submitted to the SP board and is currently being reviewed – that's what I've been told anyways.

Please pray for the Lord's will to be reveled, and for the courage to obey it.
And also keep our safty in your prayers – I just heard that the winds are picking up and are somewhere around 100mph......
And of course the spiritual state of the whole country. Your prayers are having an effect!
We continue to hear amazing stories of people's hearts softening.

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