Thursday, March 22, 2012

More Then Just a Cabbage


Today was pretty special.
We started off the day going to Shoji-san's house and worked until 11am, then hopped back into the van and drove a few blocks to the Otomo-san's for the dedication of their home. And I gotta say it's a whole lot more meaningful when you yourself worked on the house that is being dedicated.
But one of the most touching moments was when Justing was talking, saying how wonderful it was to have worked on their home, and he picked up a cabbage (there was a pile in the middle of the room that we had had to work around the whole time), got down on his knees and began to explain how we are like a cabbage – Kind of gross looking on the outside, maybe a little moldy – but when you peel off the outside layers the inside is perfectly good, and that's what God's love can do for us.
It was the most perfect example, and was such a good reminder to me – I started crying.
The other really awesome part was when we gave them a Japanese Bible. Mr. Otomo-san said that he was really happy to get a real Bible, not the kind that the Jehovah's Witnesses have.
It was just a super incredible experience altogether.

After the dedication we went back to Shoji-san's and work till five. I spend most of my day doing insulation installation. And I think I'm catching the bug that's going around. I'm losing my voice and have a nasty cough..... so not cool.

Other then that life is AWESOME!


  1. So cool. That's awesome that you were able to give that man a bible and that he was excited to get it! Sounds like God is really using you guys to be a witness over there. I'll be praying extra hard that you get well and that the cold (or whatever it is) doesn't get any worse. Love the picture! You look so incredibly happy! It looks like you're a part of a big family over there.

    Miss you!
    <3 Amy

  2. Really neat, Erin! So thankful that you've been learning some cool lessons over there - Praise the Lord! I pray you'll get over this bug! Not fun. :/
    Love ya!