Saturday, May 19, 2012


Two Monkeys and a Ram.

Having more fun then a human ought to have.

Wow – Today probably goes down as one of the most exciting, weird and best days of my life.
I woke up at 4am this morning and couldn't get back to sleep – so I got up and dressed and fumbled around (trying not to wake any of my roomies) until 5-ish when the main house opens up.
Got down there, read my Bible, and had a nice quiet breakfast with Justin, Rebecca, Hide and Katie.
Washed dishes with Rebecca while laughing hysterically as she told me the stories of things that happened while I was gone.

After that Justin, Hide, and I jumped in the van and headed to work (I think we were the only ones that went out today – other then Timo) – and our strangely awesome day began. The drive that typically only takes 35 minutes took us over an hour. First we had to stop and get gas, but of course we stayed there a little longer then normal talking to the pump guy and giving him gum. Second stop was the warehouse in Gamo, where we couldn't find what we were looking for.....
Anyways – we did finally make it to the house we're working on – and got to work for like 2 hours. Took a coffee break, and then helped plant a little community garden which ended up taking all of like 20 minutes......
And just as we were about to put our tool belts back on the neighbor (steve's homeowner) said it was time to leave for lunch. So Justin, Hide, and I jumped into his car and followed Jun into Sendai where we ate lunch at the Chinese restaurant that Nobuki (former translator and mudout guy) now works at.
Had a nice lunch then drove back to the house, where we only got to work for like another 2 hours.
Had tea with our homeowner and his son then headed out to pick up Timo – But instead of going straight to pick him up we made a side trip to the Otomo-sans house, which is now completely finished inside and out. It was so incredible to be able to see it all finished! Their home was the first house I got to work on back in March, and it was so cool to be able to go there and see the completed version – it was literally so beautiful I almost cried. Sat and had coffee with them and visited for awhile till Timo called wondering where we were. Back on the road we finally picked him up and headed back to base.

And on another kind of random note - 
Those of you who are praying that we just have the joy of the Lord - let me tell you, this place is literally saturated and overflowing with love and joy. Such an incredible blessing. <3


God is like the mountains - on cloudy days they are hard to see, and when it rains it's nearly impossible to see them - but they're still there.

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