Tuesday, May 22, 2012

God Of Wonders


Another amazing day here in Japan.
I got to see a solar eclipse! It was super cool! And apparently the Sendai area was like the only place that you could see it from - because everywhere else in Japan is was cloudy. It just reminded me that God cares about the small things in life too – I've wanted to see a solar eclipse my entire life.

We took a long lunch break today and had a great time discussing Joy. What it looks like, Biblical references, weather or not atheists can every experience true joy, etc. It was really neat. And then for our second break I stayed in our house while everyone else went to the neighbor's for tea, and I just sat there reflecting on stuff and realizing just how incredibly blessed I am and just how good God truly is.

Our home owner showed up right around 5, as we were getting ready to go, and it was really sweet because he brought his wife with him this time and it was her first time being back in the house. She seemed pretty pleased. And the super cool thing was that they were asking why we would come to Japan and help and didn't we miss out families? And so we got to talk with them about why we were here and we read them the story of the Good Samaritan and then I got to pray for them.

- - -


We are making progress on our house!
It is coming together! Yesterday our drywall was delivered and Justin managed to get a could of pieces on the walls today. We also got one whole ceiling done and I've almost finished with the framing in the hallway.

For lunch we went to Yunome-san's house. It was so good to be back!
Having lunch with everybody and singing again. <3

Tomorrow is the last day that the Cali Volunteers are going to be here – so we'll be losing about 9 people.........

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  1. I've been praying for you Erin and keeping up with your blog since you left :) God is doing great things through you! I love and miss you!