Friday, May 25, 2012

Cookies and Squid Guts


Another lovely day of work. I spent the majority of my afternoon 'playing' in the 'clubhouse'. Basically drywalling a small loft space about 8 feet off the ground. I had to literally rasp the pieces while laying on my back – so I got COVERED in sheetrock dust. I was totally white – and every time I moved I created a cloud.

Our homeowner came by again as we were finishing up for the day, and brought pictures of the house and yard the day after the tsunami.

Had a bit of an adventure on the way back to camp. Justin is quite set on not taking the express way since it's a toll – He'd rather not spend SP money on the toll if there is another way. So we typically take the scenic route – little back roads through rice fields, which I really enjoy. But between him and Hide they seem to be set on discovering EVERY other way to get back and forth from work – so they wanted to find a new rout today. It was great. We drove through rice fields, and through this little town, turned the wrong way – it was really fun. We eventually made it back to camp - super late for dinner....

A group of national volunteers left tonight. Their little team leader/pastor lead share time and then sang a japanese opera song for us. Seriously that man can SING! I think the rafters were vibrating.

Washed dishes again – My current hobby. Then hung out in the kitchen, laughing as Justin made cookies and tried to work the oven, and helping Day gut some fish and squids – marine biology 101. Seriously, go gut a squid it's fascinating!

We have off work till Tuesday because of Memorial Day. Although I think our crew is probably going to work Monday. And we might try and sneak in half a day Saturday, after Justin gets back from the birthday party for his 'best friend in all of Japan' a little boy who's turning 4 tomorrow. In the mean time I might be going to a tea that some local pastors are doing for the people in the temporary housing.
We'll see.


  • Kazu-san: been in and out of the hospital everyday - struggling with depression etc. from the disaster.
  • All the people that SP is coming in contact with – that they would just see the light on Christ shining through us.

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  1. Squid guts....sounds quite interesting! I bet it's slightly different than gutting chickens. ;) Sounds like you're having an awesome time! Praying for you! <3