Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wonders of His Love


Wow. I can hardly believe that it's already been three weeks!
And yet in the same way I feel like I've been here forever. So strange.

I do apologize for not updating this as much as I'd like to. I'd like to post everyday but by the end of the day I have very little energy left for such things.... :P

Anyways – Work is going as wonderful as always – As I keep telling everyone here: “Everyday has the potential to be the best day of your life.” And pretty much as long I keep that perspective myself the good times keep rolling. We are nearing the end of our house – hoping to have it done by Friday (if not before).

Our little construction team (Justin, Hide, and I) decided to try and read through the new testament this summer – So we switch off reading a chapter every morning when we get to the job site and then sometimes on the drive back. We have become quite the crew....
We've stopped taking our afternoon break simply because we don't care if we have one (well maybe Hide does...). And justify everything we do by saying that it's not considered being a workaholic if you love what you are doing. (it was kind of interesting though – on Sunday the sermon was on being a workaholic.... I got to sit by Rio who translated the whole thing for me. So nice.) We also like to give cans of coffee or whatever we have on hand to the guys in the toll booths. Anyways.....

Kenji left for home on Sunday. I guess I didn't realize he was leaving so soon and didn't get to say goodbye. Kinda sad – but I hear that he may be back later this summer before he heads to the states to start seminary.

It's pretty crazy the way people are in and out of here all the time. We got a new translator last week (to replace Kenji) and I've talked with her some – she's absolutely awesome. And then yesterday we got another japanese guy (I'm not sure if he is an official translator or not...) but he worked with our crew for a day along with Lesley. It was really neat though because on the drive out to the work site he and I ware talking and he was asking how I became a christian and such, and then at lunch he asked Justin and Lesley the same question, then he shared his story with us. He had been an alcoholic and about 5 years ago the first Teen Challenge in Japan was started, down in Okinawa. He was the very first person to apply. And through completing the Teen Challenge program he came to Christ.
It was so neat to hear everyones stories, and the great vastness of the love of God just hit me. His love and grace are so incredibly far reaching. He can save and free someone like me just as easily as he can save an alcoholic or anyone else. His power is not restricted by our circumstance.
It was just incredible. So I spent the entire rest of the day singing every song about the love of God that I could think of. Yeah.... God is so awesome.

Anyhow. We just got a bunch of volunteers again tonight (more Hawaiians), and Justin as picking up another group from North Carolina at the airport tomorrow night. Funfun!

Well – That's about it I guess. It's so awesome to see the Lord working everyday here and daily living in His presence. Thank you to all who are praying for Japan and the work that is going on here.
Hontoni Arigato Gozaimasu!


  1. Wow, it's really been 3 weeks?
    I've been praying for you lots, just haven't commented to let you know.
    My silly computer finally let me look at the FB pictures--they were great! I love reading your comments and blog posts on life there and getting your perspective. It always makes me smile to hear how happy you are. :)
    And hearing about the Lord's work across the world from where I am...He's the same faithful, awesome God no matter where we are!
    Anyway, keep up the blog posts when you can, and know I'm reading them even if I don't comment. :)
    Love you girl,

  2. Thanks for being so consistent in posting, Erin...I really love hearing about how/what you've been doing! Sounds incredible out there on the other side of the world; I truly think you're right where God wants you to be right now...isn't it a wonderful feeling?
    Praying for you, as usual.