Tuesday, June 12, 2012



Hmm.... were to begin.

We finished the house we were working on yesterday (two days later then we had hoped), and have started working on the next one – which is quite a bit smaller – and we have already insulated most of the floors and have sheeted three of them all ready – Ceilings are next! ^_^
The really cool thing though was that on friday last week, talking with the home owner we discovered that he had a daughter (he had never mentioned her before), but I guess that sometime over the last week she had come to the house and had been overwhelmed by the memories and had cried and she really didn't want to come back. I really really wanted to meet her – and the Lord is so good answering even the unspoken prayers of the heart. The next day we got to meet her – She had asked her dad to bring her so that she could meet us and thank us for our work – and she was all smiles! It was so incredible just to see her there. She wasn't able to stay long but I got to prayer for her before she left. So it was really awesome!

The team from Hawaii will be leaving tomorrow morning after breakfast. And we will be getting a group of new volunteers next Wednesday – and it sounds like some familiar faces for me!
It also sounds like our little team might be breaking up as both Justin and Hide will need to be crew leads – sad.

As far as ways to pray...
Please please keep the safety of all the staff and volunteers in your prayers!
We have had more accidents in the last month then I think we like to recount....
3 vans in the ditch, 2 twisted ankles, and a cracked rib – to mention a few....

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support!

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