Tuesday, July 3, 2012



July 3rd already. I can't believe it. Especially since the weather here is still cool – although I think this week it's going to get a bit warmer this week (like in the 70's – lol).

Well - I do apologize (again) for the lack of updates – but I'll be completely honest with you – it wasn't on my top priority list this week. I'm kinda going through a bit of a rough time right now – just trying to figure out where God is leading and what lays ahead for me – so most of my spare time has been spent reading, praying and just sitting in the dark listening.

Anyways. Going back to Saturday.....
On Saturday our crew was the only crew that worked, which is typical, but this time we kidnapped the keyboard from the dining hall before leaving for the day, and stopped at the store to buy flowers before getting to the house. A short while after we got to the house Mrs. Kikawa-san and her two daughters arrived – we stopped working and talked for awhile, and then brought in the keyboard. We had been told in one of our previous conversations that both of the daughters played – so we had brought it for them – But as I thought, I was the one who ended up having to have to play for everyone – which was...yeah. For those of you who don't know – I don't actually play piano..... so yeah it was interesting.
But Justin later informed me that while I was watching my fingers, he was watching them and they were crying. So I suppose God can use us in anyway He chooses and can even show Himself strong in spite of our weaknesses. But yeah. They ended up staying for quite some time – we had tea, got to share the gospel with them, and had an all around time. They all agreed that they hadn't laughed that much since the tsunami and they wanted to stay with us all day (which of course they couldn't). but it was awesome – we gave them the flowers and then later that day Mr. Kikawa showed up – and apparently the girls had stopped at his work office to show him the flowers and tell him about our visit and he was so grateful for everything. It was such a great time.

Sunday I went to church in Izumi with Simon and Justin (and Yuki). And we ended up being there until 4pm! After the service they had a curry lunch for everyone and then a testimony time and they wanted Justin and I, and another guy from the states who is here are an english teacher, to all give our testimonies as how God brought us to Japan. So yeah... full day. Had a headache for most of it – which has stuck with me into today. :P

The rest of this week is looking pretty busy on the social end of things. We are having a 4th of July thing here at camp tomorrow after work, going out for Ramen with some of the people from church on Thursday, possibly going out to Shichigahama to visit so old homeowners, and going to a flower arranging show in Sendai probably on Sunday to see the Kikawa girls who are a part of it.

So yeah – it's getting late and I've got another full day tomorrow – finishing our current house and moving to the next one!

The Kikawa family – especially the girls who have shown interest in coming to church with us.
All of the homeowners – we claim them for the kingdom in the name of Christ!
That the fears of returning was dissipate – and that the traumatic memories would fade.

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  1. Hi Erin, Thanks for the update. Sounds like God is using you even when you don't know it. You know they say that you should show the love of God and, when necessary, "SPEAK"! Your piano lessons have been used to witness to those two sisters. It sounds like you had a full week and the 4th of July was even made special over there. I, too, am praying that God will speak clearly to you to let you know what HE has planned for you. It's hard to be patient but know that I, and others, are praying for you in that regard. Rosie & Mike were here for a couple days and left this morning. We were up Kirsten's and had lunch out with her. Your uncle David came to the nursing home and then we went out with him. Yesterday we were at your house. Rosie helped your mom and sisters make soap. I haven't heard if it ever got hard. Hope so. I took chicken and orange/gelatin salad out and Emma made a couple of salads. Abbey & John came to join us. It was a nice day. Well, time to go to bed but just wanted you to know you are my mind all the time and then I pray for you. Love from both me and grandpa.