Sunday, July 15, 2012

In Weakness Made Strong

Jul. 16th 2012

Well I think I can honestly say that today is one of the hottest days since I've been here. It rained pretty much all day yesterday and today is cloudless – therefore making it VERY humid and just plain HOT!
So what did I do? I went for a run up a mountain obviously!! - I think I must be crazy....
Anyways – Now just killing time until 4pm when our work crew plus a few others are meeting up with the Kikawa family for dinner at some fancy French restaurant that they really wanted to take us to.
But yeah. Going back a little bit – I just really want to thank everyone for their prayers for me, everyone here at base, and for Rebekah and Josiah's family. Through the week we were being informed of when the visitation and funeral were taking place and were constantly praying for them. I kept looking on facebook to see if there was anything from Rebekah and watched as her page got covered with notes – and then as I opened it up on Saturday there was a post by Rebekah on the top of the page that literally blew me away. Here is it:

I cried.
God is truly incredible. He is indeed close to the brokenhearted and gives grace to the humble. The strength that the Lord has given her is simple amazing. And I wonder if I could possibly say the same thing if I were in her place. It has definitely challenged me.

On another note. This week is filling up with things. Obviously today we have our dinner appointment, Justin's birthday is on Thursday, on Friday the states volunteers are heading out with means we will be losing “grandpa” Nigel, and before he goes we are going to take him out for dinner, Saturday we are having a BBQ for a bunch of our homeowners, and then Sunday Yunome-san is getting baptized! It's all very exciting. And after all that the last wave of volunteers will be coming in – I can't believe that phase 2 is almost over...... so sad. :(

Well – that's all I can really think of at the moment....

Many blessings to you all!

Pressing on!


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  1. I can't believe it. I've written this message twice and have done nothing different and it keeps getting lost. I'll try once again. It sounds like your busy and having lots of fun, and all of this while ministering. Isn't God good?!!! It was good to read that Rebekah, though grieving, is holding up with the prayers of many. It was odd to hear that you are experiencing your first hot day, while today we are experiencing our first tolerable day. As I came home tonight from Park View our car thermometer read 78. How wonderful it feels. PTL!!! Keep on with your blogs as you have time. It is good to see what you're doing. Love and hugs and prayers,