Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!


Whah! It's been such a busy week!Which pretty much explains why I haven't updated this until now...
And it's already getting late so this is going to be kind of choppy but here is kind of a glimpse of what is going on over here:

We had a BBQ here at camp for the homeowners in the Shichigahama area. There was a pretty good turn out – I think about 30 or so homeowners came. We had a little concert for them, an amazing Christian singer from southern Japan came up and sang for us – and I think she really touched a lot of the people – and I heard from a few of the translators that she really conveyed the gospel with the music and with what she said between the songs. Praise the Lord!

I ended up going with Mami and Becca first to get my hair cut, then our for lunch and then to Ishinomaki for church in the afternoon. It was a really fun girls day out. The church service was really casual but really good (and all in english), and after that we went to a recycled shop and then the mall – in all we ended up being gone ALL day and didn't get back to camp until like 8:30pm!

Was totally exhausted from my busy Sunday. Worked but quit early so that we could go visit our little japanese carpenter volunteer man, Okoyama-san, who had gotten hit by a car while on his motorcycle on Saturday. Stopped and bought sushi before surprising him by showing up at his doorstep. All in all it was a very interesting visit. We (Justin, Simon, and I) were literally FORCED to stay for dinner, after being given coffee, tea, and pudding – and they tried to talk us into staying for the night – which didn't happen but anyways.... it was really fun though. Got to meet his wife – who is a super sweet lady. And he is doing pretty good – His leg was the only thing that got hit I guess and it was wrapped but didn't look to bad. Got back to camp really late again.

Still REALLY tired. More work!
For lunch we took our bentos to the Nihei-san's temporary housing unit and ate lunch there so that we could make a suprise visit to 'Oba-chan' aka – Grandma. The almost 90 year old lady who had taught us Taiso the other week. Ended up being there for a really long time – and almost fell asleep – because I was so tired, full and there was air conditioning.....
Anyways – it was another fun outing.

Wednesday (today)-
A bunch of new volunteers came in last night. And we got one of them added to our team today. Okayama-san showed up to work today again – and shocked us all 'cause we thought he should still be resting, but he said her had just been to the hospital and it was fine. It was interesting though because it seems like we've made a better connection with him through the whole accident thing - so it's good. It was kinda funny to though today – we were talking about how and when I'm heading back and Okayama-san pipes in that his daughter's room is empty now that she lives in Tokyo. Lol – So yeah, I have officially been offered a place to stay here in Japan... :) it was sweet of him....
So yeah - making progress on the house – Justin thinks we will be finished by Saturday – but I think it may take us a little longer then that....

And that is about it. Tomorrow another day of work and then lunch at Yunome-san's house.
Well – now it's really late.... off to bed.


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  1. Sounds like you're having a great time! I'm glad to hear it. :) Ok, question....what's with all the "sans" and "chans" after everyone's names?