Saturday, August 4, 2012

The 'A' Team


WHAH! Another whole week of my life has already flown by!!!!!

Well – it been another interesting week here in Japan.
We finished the house we were working on on Monday – which has ended up leaving us houseless for a week..... So this became 'special project' week for the 'A' team (which is apparently the name of Justin's crew. Who knew right?!)

Project #1 -
Tuesday- We worked putting insulation and flooring back in, in a house that SP had done much earlier in the year – apparently he thought he needed more dirt under the floor so they pulled a bunch or the sheets of plywood up to do that and he wanted us to put them back....
After we finished that we went back to Nihei's house (the on ewe had just finished) and put in a few pieces of drywall in a place that they decided they did want us to do.

Project #2-
Wednesday- We worked with Hide and his crew, and between Justin and I (who were both automatically assigned to drywall) most of the house got sheet-rocked!

- (I can't remember for the life of me what we did on Thursday – I think we worked with Hide again...)

Project #3-
Friday- our crew minus Justin went with Yuki and Yu-kun to do mud-out. First time I got to try mudding out. It was kinda fun. Did lots of sweeping and then was helping Simon knock out walls. But it only lasted for about 2 hours – Because Justin called Simon and I off for Special Project #4.....

Project #4-
Still Friday- Simon, Justin, and I were asked to plywood the inside walls of a rice farmer's barn.
So.... Huge building- high ladders holding OSB.... not my favorite job. I stuck mostly with framing.

Saturday (today) – Worked on the rice barn project this morning until about 12 – then met with Shoji-san and a bunch of other people from Shichigahama that I hadn't seen in a while for lunch (sushi).
After lunch we stopped and visited the Otomo-san's had coffee and looked at their garden, then we drove to Shichigahama and walked on the beach a little and helped some other carpenters get their van out of the sand. After that we stopped and visited Suzuki-san (Justin's very first homeowner), and then finally headed back to base.
And I have just spent the last hour of so learning a cup and clapping game and having a bilingual conversation......
SO TIRED!!!!!!

So yeah. That's what's happening over here....
Tomorrow – Church and then maybe some errands.....
till then S.L.E.E.P!

Anyhow this is probably my last post from Japan as I will be home next Friday - the 10th.
So until next time!


  1. Just read your last two blogs. You have really been busy and working hard. What a blessing you and the crew you work with must be to those homeowners. I keep wondering what God has in store for you -- more time in Japan or what. This has been a wonderful opportunity for you. I think life is going to be somewhat boring when you come home, but it will be so good to see you again. I continue to pray that your future will be made clear to you. Your dad and mom and siblings were at the home to see Grandpa (and me, I guess) last Sunday. David was here Friday a week ago and Kirsten and kids were here on Thursday. Grandpa has been more alert and with it lately. I'm sure he'll also be glad to see you. Take care. Enjoy your last week there. Love and prayers as always,

  2. I'm so excited to see you!!!!!! :D I'm sure it will be really hard to leave though. You'll have culture shock all over again! I'm praying for you!

    <3 you!