Friday, April 4, 2014


6 days remaining.

Working at the school is pretty much back in full swing with school starting on Monday.
We have been moving partition walls/room dividers, shelving units, etc; setting up classrooms.
I'm pretty sure we hung that last light yesterday, and Brad spent his whole day burning up drill bits trying to drill through stainless steal; making a gate for the playground. He did finally get it done though and it looks pretty good.

Today, I think we will be finishing up some work with speaker wires and suspending the projector for church tomorrow. A Doctor/spiritual mentor friend of the the Bostrom's is coming, either today or tomorrow and he will be preaching for church, but I guess his daughter is coming with him and she does worship dance – so I'm kind of excited to see that.

Your continued prayers are much appreciated.

I'm currently exploring the possibility of coming back in May to teach for a few weeks while some of the Bostrom's are in the states, but I'm looking for other mission opportunities here to take part in after the teaching would finish (since it would only be like 3 weeks). I guess I'm just trying to find the next step.
So yes, thank you for praying and please continue to do so.

For pictures: Japan 2014

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