Saturday, April 7, 2012



Today was Saturday – The second day of out long weekend.
We had the day to do whatever we wanted – So we worked, and it was good workday!
We kind of had a mismatched team today, kind of whoever wanted to work found a crewlead who was going out and joined their crew for the day. So today we had Grace and Cliff working on our house with us. I finished drywalling the little room I was working on. We went to Yunomi-san's house for lunch, such a sweet Christian lady.

The weather today was pretty weird. The day started out really nice and then it randomly started snowing this afternoon – big fluffy snowflakes, and then it was gone. Very bizarre.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and we will all be going to church for an Easter service.
It's going to be a very memorable Easter – Celebrating with the Japanese people.

Well, it looks like an entertaining game of Uno is about to begin, so I thinking I will join in....

Wishing you all a super amazing Easter! Rejoice in what has been done!


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  1. Happy Resurrection day, Erin! How amazing to be celebrating this special day on the other side of the world! I can't wait to see you again...Have a great day!