Friday, March 21, 2014

Today was graduation day!

Which basically means that somehow we pulled off the impossible – because the ceremony was in the room we have been working on. It's been incredibly insane, but in a good way. I don't think that I have gotten to bed before midnight at all this week. But anyways, with the help of the Bostrom kids, some of the high school students, and others we finally got rid of all the paper, finished our movable platform/scaffolding, painted the entire ceiling black (using brushes and little tiny rollers – seriously took forever but we had a BLAST!), scrubbed/scraped the whole floor and laid carpet tiles.
So yeah. Busy. Which of course explains why I haven't blogged very much.....

The ceremony today went really well, except for the fact that the dance that some of the kids did moved the carpet tiles (because they hadn't been secured down due to lack of time) and they almost tripped during their performance.... but other then that it went really well I thought. Carissa and Alex graduated. It will be strange now not having Alex around, he was such a great help with the painting and stuff and endlessly entertaining. And Asami is leaving for Tokyo tomorrow – I will miss her SO MUCH! It's sad – I pretty much cried at the ceremony today cause I am losing two of my new bestest buddies. Gosh, I hate goodbyes. *sigh*......

That's really all I can think of. Obviously there is way more that has happened but my brain is kinda dead currently. 

Thanks again for prayers and support!

For pictures: Japan 2014

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