Friday, March 7, 2014

Wow. I can't believe it's been a week already! Time goes so fast...

Things are going well here. I've gotten to do a bunch of different things this week.
Yesterday (and Monday) - Carissa, Joel, Mr Bostrom and I drove in to the city to an office building, an old printing company apparently, that has closed down, and we loaded up tons of boxes of papers, folders, and books into the bus. I guess we are going to have them recycled to help raise money for the school, which is great but we have all decided that it's probably not worth all the time and work that it's taking to get the stuff ready to be recycled. Because we have to sort it all – which means that we have to go through everything and pull all the papers out of the files, and all the staples out of the papers, etc. which is taking forever ( I'll probably be heading over to the school in a little while to work on papers for a few hours, because they will be picked up on Monday and we still have a ton to go though.)
Needless to say, I will be thrilled when all the paper leaves, because then we can really start working on the building.

Umm..... let's see.
Other then papers - I got to dig a trench in the gravel (with a crowbar) to stop water from running right through the playground. The day after, it rained a ton – and my little barrier wall worked! I was pretty happy. Other then that, I finished building our movable platform/scaffolding that we will be using to work on the ceiling. Started taking down the water pipes and all the florescent lights, and got myself a 100volt shock – it was very exciting.....
And yeah – we have pretty much done everything that can be done with all the boxes of paper laying around.

Life outside of work is great too. I am loving the Bostrom family, and Asami (who is also staying with them) – we are probably having to much fun with our crazy inside ostrich jokes, singing 'frozen' songs, and walks in the dark. I love them all already – it's funny to think I've only actually known them for a week...

Well, thats about all I guess – thanks to everyone who is praying for me, supporting me, and have been in touch. I'll try and keep this updated as best as I can.

For pictures: Japan 2014

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